A Very Curious Wedding at the National UK Blog Awards 2015

Well, I may not have come away from The National UK Blog Awards 2015 clutching an award, but I had one Hell of a good time!

The theme for the evening, much to my delight, was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. And, from the moment I arrived at the venue to be greeted by The Mad Hatter, to the moment I climbed back up the rabbit hole five hours later having munched my way through many a canape and drunk just a tad too many delicious cocktails, I had a ball.

Wonderland at The National UK Blog Awards 2015
Me standing next to a giant Cheshire Cat at The National UK Blog Awards 2015
Standing next to a ginormous Cheshire Cat was a bit daunting, just check out the look on my face. Also notice how I managed to colour coordinated myself to the scenery!

Me staring up at the Cheshire Cat.
Giant teapots at The UK Blog Awards.
I met many wonderful people and it was great being able to network with other bloggers. It was also great to see just how the blogging industry is thriving. There’s a lot of talent in Blogging Land, and support for this abundance of awesomeness is definitely growing – and long may that continue!

The area for the award ceremony at the National UK Blog Awards 2015

Andrew and Michelle Lyndon-Dykes in a Photo Booth at The National UK Blog Awards 2015
I’d just like to thank all the organisers and sponsors of The National UK Blog Award’s for inviting me to Wonderland and to all the readers who took the time to vote for A Very Curious Wedding. I’ll be entering again next year – what can I say, the cocktails were THAT good! :)

Photo booth pics on the left courtesy of The Photo Emporium


Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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