I’ve Entered The National UK Blog Awards #UKBA15 and This is Why it Took Me a While –

So I’ve gone and done it – I’ve entered The National UK Blog Awards! It took me a while to hit the enter button on the application form, not because I don’t want to win a shiny award from such a prestigious organisation, but because I’ve been down the rabbit hole lately and the Wonderland I’ve been lost in has not been all that wonderful :(

There has been a whole lot of crazy going on in my curious little life! I work my butt off for A Very Curious Wedding: it’s my baby, an outlet for my creativity, a way of showcasing some of the amazing talent that Britain has to offer. Quite simply, A Very Curious Wedding is an extension of me. So when someone, a fellow blogger no less, sets out to deliberately and maliciously cripple my blog, they may as well chop off one of my arms. In the past few months I have:

1) Been libeled in the worst possible way – all of it utter rubbish, but it still stings.
2) Had thousands of fake followers added to my Twitter account, luckily I’m savvy enough to quickly wheedle them out and block them – so the person in question wasted her time and money. Just in case your wondering, I ran an audit and here’s the results of my Twitter account as of today:

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.25.48

3) Had thousands of fake followers added to my Facebook page. Luckily, I know how to deal with these problems and protect my page from it ever happening again, so once again she wasted her time and her money. And again, in case you’re wondering, here’s a screenshot of my business page insights. If there were fake likes then the most engaged city would be either Bangladesh, India or Indonesia (in most cases).

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.49.53

There were a number of other devious tactics thrown at me, all far to disturbing and offensive to talk about on this blog. But they are all sorted now and I don’t want to give the blogger in question the satisfaction of talking about her for any longer that I need to.

So there you have it, I couldn’t shout about my entry for The National UK Blog Awards until I had dug my blog out of the rabbit hole. But I am now officially in the running under the ‘Wedding’ category and I’m wearing my excited face, which is kind of scaring Mr L-D as he has no idea yet what I’m up to – I want to surprise him if I get through to the finals.

If you haven’t yet heard of the awards here’s a snippet from their blog:

[quoteicon author=”The National UK Blog Awards”]The UK Blog Awards© are the only Blog Awards recognising a multitude of industry professional talent across the UK. The UK Blog Awards provide a unique opportunity for individual professionals from their sector and organisations to be recognised for their social media achievements through blogging, with the chance to network and be inspired by other industry bloggers.[/quoteicon]

Here’s what A Very Curious Wedding will be judged on:

1. Design
2. Style
3. Content
4. Marketing
5. Usability

Voting begins on the 10th of November and I’ll be begging asking you to spend a few moments of your time to vote.

This a really exciting time for me, and the nonsense that I’ve been through has only made it more clear to me just how much I love this blog. It would make my day to know that you love it too.

With the very best of luck to all the other brilliant blogs that have entered – I hope to see you at the award ceremony :)

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes


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