Through the Looking Glass – Our Journey into Weirdness

Door.If you have read any of My Curious Life posts you will probably have guessed that I live a pretty crazy, unconventional life – Mr L-D and I kind of like it that way. Part of the craziness is spending around four nights a week in a hotel.

Six weeks ago things took a decided turn for the better when it became clear that we would, for the foreseeable future, be spending time in one town and one hotel. YAY!!

Things got even better when the super duper staff kept checking us in to the same hotel room so we would feel more at home.

A bit weird!

Last night our bright, shiny hotel experience of the last six weeks took a nose dive into weirdness. We are through the looking glass. What happened to send us spiraling into an alternate reality? We checked in, we were handed the keys, we were told we would be in a different room!!!!

Now this should not have been a problem, most of the rooms are identical in every way. However, our new room is a mirror image of the one we are used to. Let me set the scene:

Old room – I get out of bed in night to use the bathroom turn right.
New room – I get our of bed in night to use the bathroom turn right and end up on balcony.

Old room – Mr L-D gets out of bed in night to use the bathroom walks around bed.
New room  – Mr L-D gets out of bed in night to use the bathroom walks into the wall.

Old room – bathroom on left, cupboard on right.
New room – bathroom on right, cupboard on left – yes I have already tried to get into the cupboard.

Old room – switch next to Mr L-D turns on blindingly bright light so avoid like the plague first thing in the morning.
New room – switch next to me turns on blindingly bright light so inadvertently flick on and spend five minutes in retina wrecking agony.

And so it continues. I have a feeling that by the end of this stay we will have suffered some sort of back-to-front injury.

I’m off to console myself with a soothing cuppa. Now, if only I can remember in which cupboard the kettle lives? :)

Here’s to a mad life.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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