Hello, I'm Michelle

Hello, I’m Michelle, a business consultant-turned-blogger, blogging solely to support my tea drinking habit, oh and to buy shoes – lot’s and lot’s of shoes :)

I’m a Welsh woman *insert sheep joke of your choice here* live in sunny Yorkshire with my slightly deranged husband Andrew (AKA Mr L-D). I have two children, Daniel 29 and Rachel 22 – I have also ‘adopted’ Rachel’s other half Ross. So I really have three children (four if you count Mr L-D). Confused yet?

I travel the country extensively for business, both Mr L-D and I are trained business consultants and have more than a handful of businesses between us – what can I say, if variety is the spice of life then mine is a vindaloo!

So why A Very Curious Wedding?

It’s funny how time flies – one minute you’re gazing out of a classroom window wondering what the world would look like if the grass was blue, the next you’re a divorcee with two grown-up children.

It wasn’t until I reached a ‘certain age’ that A Very Curious Wedding began to creep its way into my subconscious. I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer. It’s not that there has ever been anything disastrously wrong with my reality; it’s just never seemed to ‘fit’ me. I honestly believe that I have spent most of my life looking for Alice’s rabbit hole.

You see, I have a creative side to my personality which refuses to sit still and behave itself. I’ve held a number of pretty decent jobs, but the urge to create has always been looking over my shoulder and sighing in a bored, uninterested way. In an attempt to satisfy the sighs I’ve always had some sort of hobby. Cross stitch, cake decorating, favour making, desk-top-publishing, writing short stories, poetry; you name it, I’ve probably tried it. I’ve even turned a number of these hobbies into fairly lucrative businesses.

But here’s the rub – no matter how hard you try you cannot dig your way to Wonderland. You have to find the entrance, your own special rabbit hole that will lead you into a world of fulfillment and, with A Very Curious Wedding, I believe I have found mine.

Michelle lyndon-Dykes

So welcome to my world, come in, no need to wipe your feet. Just bear in mind – we’re all mad here!

Missions Statement

A Very Curious Wedding is a quirky, imaginative wedding blog that offers a slightly wacky sanctuary in a sea of pastel hues.

Its mission is to bring you a frequent dose of wedding inspiration and, in a cookie cutter world, the aim of A Very Curious Wedding is to be the chocolate raspberry creme brulle!

Find out more about A Very Curious Wedding here.


Can I submit my wedding to A Very Curious Wedding?

Just follow the instruction on my submissions page – easy peasy!

Will you come to our wedding fair?

While I do attend quite a few wedding fairs throughout the year, I simply do not have the time to pay every one a visit, as much as I would love to. I’m just one person – until they invent cloning :) Please do email me with your fairs details though, and I’ll try my best.

I need help with my wedding. Will you help me?

I really do try to answer every email I receive and if I can help I will. However, your best bet is to visit my planning section and have a look around, or check out my new wedding woes area. You may just find the answer your looking for there.

How do I collaborate with you?

If you have a brand/idea/photo shoot that you would like me to work with you on then please pay a visit to my Advertising, Collaboration & Sponsor page.

Comments – How to Get Yours Published

I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that I receive on A Very Curious Wedding.

Foul language is not allowed.

By all means link back to your own website if you have one, but I will delete any comments that are only left as an obvious plug for your business.

Please remember that if you are commenting on a real wedding these are real people with feelings. Please do not leave derogatory remarks – this is someone’s big day after all.

Be nice – nice is very underrated!

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes