EAT ME – Offering Help to Small Wedding Businesses

Welcome to EAT ME, a shiny, a brand new area of A Very Curious Wedding built especially to offer help to small wedding businesses!

I really wasn’t sure how to introduce this area of A Very Curious Wedding. Then it hit me, I’d make a sizable bet that a whole lot of you will want to know why. Why I’ve decided to dedicate a whole portion of my blog and a large chunk of my time to helping small businesses. Why I’m prepared to offer free advice and support. Why?

What’s in it for me?

I could tell you that I get kick out of seeing small businesses grow. I could tell you that I want to share some of the knowledge I’ve gleaned as a qualified business consultant. I could tell you that owning a number of wedding related businesses has taught me a thing or two. I could tell you that I’m sick of seeing self-proclaimed ‘experts’  happily cashing-in on the confusion that sometimes exists within the small business sector ———- I could tell you all of this, and it would all be true.

But there’s more to it than simply wanting to reach out a helping hand. There’s another reason, far more personal and selfish. EAT ME has been rolling around in my mind for a while now, but I received a metaphorical kick up the backside when I read this:

Magazine snipped showing the story of the Beta lifetime achievement award Ken Lyndon-Dykes
You’re now probably wondering why I’m sharing a snippet from an interview with Ken Lyndon-Dykes, who was recently awarded the very prestigious BETA Lifetime Achievement Award. You’re also probably wondering what the Hell this has to do with me starting this new section on the blog.

You see, Ken is my father-in-law. Eminently likeable, Ken has a story for every occasion, has experienced more in his lifetime than most people dare to dream of, is (I’m sure he’ll forgive me for saying) a bit of a ladies man and is still living life to the full and garnering respect and accolade within his field of expertise – he does, indeed, deserve an award for all his achievements. And I am proud, proud to call him my father-in-law and proud to bear his surname.

Yet his achievement got me thinking; what have I achieved? The answer is actually, a lot! I’ve raised two amazing, well-adjusted and happy children, I’ve built successful businesses, at the age of 40 I took a look at my life and decided to change. Which meant a lot of self evolvement, but that’s a whole other blog post. I’ve started and grown two blogs and I have carved myself a wonderfully mad life with my equally wonderfully mad husband.

Yet there’s still a part of me that wants more. I want to be surfing the internet and come across a wedding business that’s booming and be able to say to myself, “I helped”. I want to make a difference, be it even in the tiniest way. I want my own lifetime achievement award, which will be in the shape of a list; a list that will hang proudly on my wall. A list of wedding businesses that have flourished with the help, in some small part, of A Very Curious Wedding. I have the frame picked out, so let’s get this show on the road!

With my deepest hope for your success.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes


  • Ruth Rawson says:

    Hi Michelle,

    This is the first blog post I have read of yours, and I really enjoyed it! We have some pretty ambitious plans for our business so I will be watching this side of your business very closely 😉

    Wishing you every success too!

    Best wishes

    Ruth x


  • Corrie says:

    Hi Michelle, this sounds great, I am currently trying to grow and expand my alternative gift list service and would welcome any tips and advice from someone who has been in the wedding business a while.

    Last year I turned 40, was on maternity leave and decided I didnt really want to go back to my old office job. My business idea had been in my head for about 4 years (since I got married!) so it was great to finally get the website built and the business up and running. Its been a busy year but well worth it, I love working for myself in such a wonderful industry.

    Corrie x

  • Rachel says:

    Hello :)!

    I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time and I’m very excited to continue reading your EAT ME posts.
    I have been running a small cake business for a number of months, I’m really keen to expand and in order to do so I’m looking for some support and advice. So this has come at a perfect time for me.
    I’m looking forward to reading your posts and taking your advice on board. Hopefully in the future I can be one of the businesses on your list!

    Kindest regards x

  • Love the sentiment that helping others really does help ourselves. I love that what I do makes a difference and that it is not money that makes the world a better place, it’s people x
    If you want to check out someone else who is really making a difference in the digital media industry, Amazing man and such fabulous ideas xxx

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