The Journey Of A Very Curious Wedding

When I originally put pen to paper and started sketching out the look for A Very Curious Wedding way back in August 2011, I must admit I found the whole process exciting yet somewhat daunting. There are so many designs to chose from – the blogging world if filled to the brim with pretty. So where to start?

I had researched blogging platforms and, after deciding that I didn’t want to go down the free blog route, I chose Typepad. I then set about prettying up the pages and putting the Curious stamp on them.

And from my very first blog post back in June 2012, that’s where A Very Curious Wedding lived for around 18 months. And this is what readers would have found if they had clicked on to my curious pages:

My very first blog design for A Very Curious Wedding

As you can see, it was a simple design that I cobbled together with free elements and sticky-back plastic :)

It didn’t take long for me to get a bit bored with the look; I wanted something far more quirky. It was time for a blog makeover! Enter my wonderfully mad banner (complete with a trout reading an order of service), Alice style navigation signs and social media buttons based on a pocket watch:

The mad banner for A Very Curious Wedding.

The second blog makeover of A Very Curious Wedding.

I loved the design, but felt it was just a tad too busy. My banner was so mad that I decided to let it do the talking, so I paired down the look of the navigation and sidebar:

The mad banner for A Very Curious Wedding.

The second look for A Very Curious Wedding blog makeover

And then, well then I got itchy feet. Now there’s nothing wrong with Typepad per se, but I did find it a bit restrictive. I really wanted to stretch my blogging wings and it’s difficult to do that if they are clipped. It was time to bite the bullet, pack up my blog and move to WordPress.

I did look in to paying to have my site moved from Typepad to WordPress for me but being the determined sod that I am, I decided to gen up and do it myself.

I had a design in mind, so it was a case of researching WordPress themes and choosing one that would give me the look I was after. I settled on Dutotive Three, and this is what I created:

The third blog makeover on the journey of A Very Curious Wedding.

Above: The front page of the blog after it’s third makeover. Below: A post page showing the sidebar.

A post and the sidebar of the third blog makeover.

I loved it! And it made me so proud when I was nominated, and then reached the final of The UK Blog Awards 2015. It gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling to think that readers loved it too.

Then Google, in its infinite wisdom, announced that it was updating its search algorithm so that mobile/responsive sites rank higher than non-mobile friendly sites in mobile search results. Disaster!

I get a whole bunch of traffic from mobile devices and although I still believe that visitors are savvy enough to ‘pinch and squeeze’ their way around a site, Google’s word is law and resistance is futile 😉

Enter another WordPress theme, and another blog makeover.

Now as much as I loved my mad banner, I felt it was time that A Very Curious Wedding got a bit of a fresher look. So I designed this:

The banner for A Very Curious Wedding showing the queen of hearts, trees with hearts and the text A Very Curious Wedding
I decided to completely scrap every element of my old blog design, and build the whole look and feel of my blog around my new banner. There was one part of my old design that I simply couldn’t say goodbye to though – my mini-me:

Caricature of Michelle smiling
Caricature of Michelle shopping.
Michelle in a builder's hat.
Drawing of me with a present.

I know she’s a bit daft, but what is life without a good old dose of daftness?!

So there you have it. The journey of A Very Curious Wedding from sticky-back plastic to it’s new look – which I’m loving!  I’m gonna miss that rabbit though :)

So what do you all think? Do you like the new look?

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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