Lovingly Created, Sculptured Copper Swings – Handmade in Britain.

So, is there anyone out there in wedding land who loves swinging? Bet that got your attention – I’m talking about lovingly created, sculptured copper swings from Myburgh Designs.

Just take a look at these beauties:

Bride posing on beautiful copper swing
Gravity copper swing
Copper swing
ripple cropped copper swing
I had to know more and this is what Myburgh Designs had to say:

“Britain’s leading contemporary copper smith, Stephen Myburgh, presents his mood swing collection. More than just the worlds most luxurious and beautiful swinging seats, the Mood Swing collection makes art out of the traditional hanging seat, delivering an elegant solution to creative luxury in any space. Each piece is a bespoke, hand crafted limited item, signed and numbered for prosperity

Myburgh Designs swings form functional pieces of art that are sympathetic to their environment. The truly original furniture is made with luxurious organic materials, formed into elegant, unique designs that combine high-end sculptural design with a sophisticated, natural finish.

The company create a wide range of swing chairs which are perfect for the indoors and out. Each individual swing chair allows you to interact with it in a personal way – some invite you to curl up within them, while others request that you fully recline with your feet up.

Myburgh’s sculptural copper pieces bring a new three dimensional element to your space. They allow you to move away from traditional, sometimes harsh structures and offer the alternative of lazy curves that offer functionality with a softer, more calming exterior.”

Pretty cool huh? Great as a centrepiece for your outdoor wedding activities, or as a really special wedding gift. Right I’m off, I now have the urge to find the nearest playground and have a bit of a swing :)

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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