How I Stitched My Own Wedding Fascinator

Judging from my inbox, quite a few of you are wondering how I’m getting on with my  Fascinator kit supplied by Laura After Midnight.

Well wonder no more for it’s finished!

Here’s a reminder of all the materials that are supplied with the fascinator kit. It’s completely up to you how or if you use all the decorations, it’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

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My sewing skills will definitely not have the house of Dior banging on my door, but I think I did a pretty good job. So how did I achieve the finished piece of frothy loveliness? Here’s the step-by-step with pics:

1. After choosing and cutting out my preferred shape (the kit comes with a choice of three) from cardboard, I traced around it on the two pieces of fabric supplied and the interlining.

2. I hand-stitched the bias binding around the edge of my heart.

3. I decided to use lace daisies to line the edge of my heart.

4. The small birdcage veil had to be gathered with running stitches before attaching it to the fascinator.

5. I liked the idea of incorporating some stripes into the design so I joined the cream and black ribbon together in small sections then stitched it to a small area of the heart.

6. Adding some feathers just seemed to give my fascinator an edge of whimsy. I then carefully stitched on the birdcage veil, satin flower and button –  and……..voila!

I love my fascinator, I’m just waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. Laura’s kits are well thought out, the instructions are clear and the materials are of an exceptionally high quality.

The kits would be brilliant for a bride who wishes to wear something that she has created herself on her big day. I could also see them being very popular with bridesmaids – maybe having a get together and stitching up a storm.

Happy stitching!

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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