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A very good Sunday to you, lovely people. As it’s Sunday and as I’m in an incredibly good mood today – lot’s of fun things happened with friends on the weekend – I felt the need to share something wonderful with you.

Welcome to the world of Zena Holloway, underwater photography.  A self taught photographer who captures hypnotic, flawless, seductive underwater images.

Zena Holloway underwater shoot
Born in Bahrain and raised in London, Zena has travelled the globe. Working as a scuba diver her love affair with the ocean began and a career in underwater photography was born.

Zena Holloway underwater bride
It’s so refreshing to find an artist whose work “speaks” without the use of words.

Zena Hollowa underwater bride 2
Zena Holloway
Zena’s work is simply hypnotic, there’s something completely spellbinding about angelic figures suspended in the womb-like surrounding of water.

Zena Holloway underwater bridal shoot
Her work is simply breathtaking.

Zena Holloway underwater wedding shoot
All images have been used with Zena’s permission and remain the copyright of the artist. The images are from the Sirens, Maden Voyage and Stylist Editorial Collections.

I hate to do this after such a beautiful post but I feel that I have a responsibility to add a word of caution here. You may have read this post, looked at these amazing photographs and possibly be thinking, “Wow! How cool would  an underwater trash the dress session be?”

I don’t like to throw cold water on your enthusiasm (no pun intended) but please take care. A wedding dress plus lots of water could equal disaster.

You may have read of the tragic death of newlywed Maria Pantazopoulos during a trash the dress shoot. If you still want to mix water with your dress then go for it. But please use a good dose of sense, after all Zena Holloway is a professional underwater photographer and scuba diver. And if you’ve ever tried to pick up a soaking wet towel you will know how heavy some fabrics can get when wet.

There are many photographers out there with excellent credentials and experience so do plenty of research.

Lecture over.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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