DIY Chalkboard Wine Glass, Place Names, Wedding Favours

Phew, that’s one heck of a title!

I found this Tutorial for Chalkboard Wine Glasses over at Just Short of Crazy and thought they would make great place names or wedding favours.

Over to Deb, the creative mind behind this DIY:

“When I first saw these I knew immediately that I wanted to make them for my Bridesmaid Movie Party.”

Supplies You Will Need For Your DIY Chalkboard Wine Glass:

Wine glasses
Chalkboard paint
Cardboard to cover the area on which you will be working
Container to pour the paint into – make sure it’s larger than the circumference of the bottom of the glass
Parchment paper

“I headed to the dollar/pound store and picked up 8 wine glasses. I already had the chalkboard paint at home so the project didn’t cost a lot. If you need to purchase paint you can get it at DIY and craft stores. A little goes a long way so maybe you could make a chalkboard menu sign or seating chart to match your glasses?”

How I Did It:

“I laid out a piece of heavy cardboard on my kitchen table (very important). Then I found a container to pour the paint in. If you have smaller glasses you may be able to dip the stems right into the can. That was my plan. However, my glasses were just a touch to big….dang it.  Gently dip the bottom of  your glass into the paint.”

“The paint will be thick on the glass. I wiped the bottom across the lip of my paint container to try to remove the excess. Figuring out how to let these dry was the challenge. After a couple trial and errors I found a solution.

I took some parchment paper and placed it on the cardboard. Then I just set the glass upright on the parchment. After about 20 minutes I moved the glass to another area so that it didn’t dry with the excess paint attached to it.”

“It worked like a charm and I ended up with 8 lovely wine glasses for my Bridesmaids Movie party.”

Thanks Deb for that great tutorial.

I really like this idea, you could even supply your guests with chalk in different colours and let them get creative.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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