Diy Burlap Table Numbers for Your Wedding

Yippee yay it’s a sunny Saturday!! (Unless you’re reading this in the future, so I guess yay it’s whatever day and year it is!) Time to fire up a BBQ and soak up the rays safely smothered in SPF 50 – never underestimate a good sunblock people :)

Before I rush through the door I just had to post these DIY burlap table numbers. Blogged by the very lovely people at (check them out for tonnes of inspirational DIY ideas), they would look great gracing the tables of a rustic wedding.

How to make DIY burlap table numbers for your wedding

The completed DIY burlap table numbers showing number three
“For this project I really wanted to create some elegant DIY burlap table numbers, using only the materials I already had. I didn’t buy any new tools or templates. If you don’t want to go “100% DIY” stenciling templates are available to purchase in craft shops.

The technique I used to make these burlap table numbers can also be used if you want to make burlap wedding bunting flags, “Mr & Mrs banner”, “I-do banner”, “Here comes the bride banner” and much much more.  Here’s how I made the burlap table numbers.”

The Tools and Materials Used:
  • Sheets of normal copying paper (80gsm)
  • My computer and printer
  • A retractable blade knife
  • A pair of scissors
  • A metal ruler
  • A protective board (to cut the stencils on)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A household sponge
  • A small glass lid (covered with cling film)
  • Burlap
Here’s How to:

“I made my own stencils. I typed all the numbers I needed into a word document and printed them out on ordinary copying paper (80gsm.) on my printer. I made a few test prints before I found the right font and size I liked.

To make my stencils, I placed my prints on a protective underlay (I used a piece of old wood board) and cut out my numbers using a retractable blade knife. When using paper for stencils you can only use these stencils a couple of times. Need your stencil more than a couple of times? Then buy “stencil card” in a craft shop. Stencil card has an opaque, glossy surface and can withstand repeated applications of paint.”

Tools needed for DIY burlap table numbers.

“Using my blade knife, I carefully cut along the printed lines with smooth long movements. It is easiest to achieve a smooth cut edge if you work carefully towards yourself when cutting. I used a steel rule to cut against when cutting the straight lines – it’s much easier.  Please take careful when you use craft knives and make sure you have a protective cutting mat like a piece of old wood board or similar underneath your paper or stencil card before you start cutting.

If you have never cut stencils before it may seem difficult to start with. Take your time and work slowly around each number. The curved parts are the hardest to cut, but once you have tried it a few times it does get much easier. It was a bit tricky for me in the beginning too, but now it only takes me minutes to cut out a number.

TIP: It’s much easier to start with fonts which are not sans serif . Calligraphy can be a little hard to cut unless the numbers/letters are really large, but with practice you can make stencils using any font you like.”

Making a stencil for the numbers.

“Once all my stencils were cut prepared my burlap. I cut one piece of burlap measuring approx. 4×6” for each of the table number. I placed my burlap on a protective underlay and positioned my stencil on top of the burlap ready to paint. I used only a tiny amount of black artists acrylic paint. My numbers measured approximately 2×2¾” I therefore needed very little paint for each number – less than half a teaspoon for each. To apply the paint I used a small piece of a  household sponge. You can also use a small brush, but I  like the effect the sponge gives .”

Hand stencilling the burlap for the table numbers.

“To apply the paint I carefully dipped my sponge in the paint and dabbed the sponge onto the burlap through the stencil until the holes in the stencil were completely covered. I chose to simply hold my stencil in place with my fingers. If you are working with large stencils, use tape to help hold your stencil in place while you work. Take care not to put too much paint on your sponge or brush. It is easier control the paint and create neat lines with a small amount of paint. If your sponge is completely wet, the paint may run under your stencil. I used artist acrylic paint for my table numbers. This type of paint is less runny, easy to work with and  waterproof. As I wanted to achieve a rustic look country style,I applied a little more paint in some areas than others.”

DIY burlap table numbers, stencilled.
Removing stencil from burlap tabel numbers.
Peeling off stencil for burlap table numbers.

“Once finished simply remove your stencil and leave your to dry.

TIP: It’s a good idea to cover the dish you use for the paint with household cling film, a small plastic bag or similar. When you are finished painting, simply remove the cling film from the dish and throw it in the bin. This way you avoid paint stains in your sink or on your tiles.”

All the stencilled numbers needed for DIY burlap table numbers

Sewing burlap table numbers.

“When my prints were dry, I sewed my burlap pieces onto a white piece of folded card stock. My table numbers could then stand on their own on the tables. Once the burlap was sewed onto the card stock, the table numbers were finished and ready to go! I used white card stock but I think black would also look really beautiful

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it will help you make your own DIY wedding table numbers or other DIY wedding décor.”

Completed DIY burlap table numbers.

Big, massive, huge thanks to for allowing me to share this DIY wonder with you. Watch this space for more burlap fun.

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