DIY Crochet Doily Lamp to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

Well, have I got a great tutorial for you today! A DIY crochet doily lamp lit with flame less LED lights. Can you imagine masses of these decorating your venue? Or how about hanging them from tree branches?

The steps for making a DIY crochet doily lamp.
NOTE: I sourced the images and idea from Dos Family, a Swedish blog that urges readers to “Go Do Something” (lots of fab ideas). I have adapted the idea as the original tutorial is for a light pendant.

Supplies Needed:
  • Doillies – lightweight are better than heavy knit.
  • Fabric stiffener – you can find this at craft shops.
  • A medium size paint brush.
  • Balloons – for bigger lamps the large punch ball balloons that you can get from party stores work best. Don’t buy really cheap balloons as these have a tendency to pop in the middle of the project.
  • A bowl big enough to rest your balloon on whilst you work.
  • Flame-less Led tea lights. For safety reasons please don’t use candles.

It’s a good idea to wash your doilies before you begin. Hand wash with mild soap and hand-hot water. Dry flat and make sure your doilies are completely dry before beginning your project.

How to:
  • Place your balloon in a dish in order to keep it steady whilst you work.
  • Arrange your doillies over your balloon making sure they slightly overlap – you only need an idea of where you are going to put them, you will be able to mould them to the balloon after applying the stiffener.
  • Leave a small gap so that you can insert your tea light.
  • When your dollies are arranged the way you want them start painting on the stiffener. Make sure you apply enough stiffener to cover all the doilies but don’t saturate the material. Any dry areas of material will sag so check for coverage.
  • This is REALLY important – leave to completely dry. This may take a while, at least overnight.
  • When you doilies are dry use a small blade or skewer to pop you balloon and carefully remove it from the doily orb.
  • Gently insert your flame-less Led light making sure you can still access the control switch.

You are now the proud owner of one crochet doily lamp. Or, if you try to remove the balloon too quickly, a soggy mess! :)

You could make these in lots of different sizes, have some lit and some unlit, hang smaller ones from ribbon (a bit like Christmas baubles), use them for your centrepieces ……… endless possibilities.

If you use this idea for your wedding I’d love to see some pics.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes
Update: At time of publication, Dos Family were allowing websites and blogs to use their images providing the post was linked to their site. I’ve visited Dos Family recently and this no longer seems to be the case.

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