Easy DIY Wedding/Party Decorations, Tissue Paper Pom Poms

A little while ago I featured the beautiful wedding of Kelsi and Paul. There were lots of little handmade details that I fell in love with and Kelsi, who writes her own blog Love Song for the Adventurous Heart, agreed to share this DIY tissue paper pom poms with us.

I used poms to decorate this 18th Alice in Wonderland birthday party and they looked really great.

Over to Kelsi

A group of yellow, grey and purple DIY tissue paper pom poms.

“You can buy pom pom kits from various Etsy sellers, but I thought it would be cheaper to DIY my own tissue paper pom moms  I wanted to make a small grey one for each place setting and then a bunch of yellow, grey, and white ones in differing sizes for the reception.

Tips: Remember that the size of your pom depends on the size of the tissue paper you use; Don’t be scared to cut the sides deeper to create more of a “petal” look, or not as deep down the sides for more of a scallop; The bigger the pom you want to make, the more pages of tissue paper you need for fullness. My larger poms has 25 pages.”

1. Start with tissue paper, and fold like an accordion.

Folding yellow tissue paper for paper pom poms.
2. Keep folding until all is folded.

Folded paper ready for pom poms.
3. Cut notches in the centre.

Cutting notches in the tissue paper.
4. Wrap with string or wire. I used floral wire. One roll made tons!

Wrapping with floral wire.
5. Note: Leave lots of wire hanging to use for hanging poms from the rafters. Then trim the folded ends so that they are rounded.

Cutting end of pom pom to make the shape.
6. Trim the sides further if you want more of a petal shape.

Trimming the edges of the pompoms.
7. After trimming both ends, begin fluffing! Don’t worry if you tear a little. Once it”s all full, you won’t notice. :) Remember to fluff in all 4 directions for a big ball. For the smaller place setting poms, I only fluffed in 2 directions, so that the the bottom remained flat and only the top was a puff.

Fluff ing out the pom pom to create  the shape.
“You’re done! Enjoy making poms. Maybe with a glass of wine and a good friend!”

Completed pom pom.
A big thank you to Kelsi for sharing. What do you think? Are pom poms going to feature in your big day?


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