11 Gorgeous Wedding Invitations That Will Knock Your Socks Off

I adore wedding invitations, it’s the very first glimpse of the day that a couple has planned. So I’m really pleased to share with you 11 gorgeous wedding invitations that will know your socks off. Written by wedding planner Rachel.


If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you’ll know that there’s an awful lot to think about. Not only do you have to take care of the big things like finding/booking a venue, buying rings, hiring caterers, and the monumental task of finding the perfect wedding dress, but you also have to figure out a lot of smaller details too (which are often what end up taking most of your time).

I’m talking about things like planning table decorations, creating seating arrangements, and of course, inviting guests and designing wedding invitations. Being a wedding planner, I know this is a task that takes a copious amount of time for most couples, so I thought I’d help you guys out by rounding up some of my absolute favourite wedding invitations below, with the hope of providing some inspiration.

1) – Mark & Charlotte

Wedding invitations in spice boxes


Mark and Charlotte’s wedding invitations not only look absolutely stunning (as they come in a custom-designed box, which features the date of the wedding), but they also reflect the personalities of the couple. It says on the invitation that sometimes, the couple compare each other to spice; “Mark says hot and delightful. Charlotte says full of flavour and amazing adventures”. This wedding embraces that concept by including a number of different spices within the box, along with a beautifully designed invitation and RSVP slip.

2) – Nicky & Sabs

Travel themed wedding invitationSource

Nicky and Sabs are an adventurous couple who love nothing more than travelling and surfing, so it was important to them that their wedding initiations reflected this aspect of their personalities. To do this, the designer illustrated a personalised map, which actually shows a storyline of their relationship so far. On the back of the invitations, there are illustrations of many different forms of transport, and they also come with quirkily designed postage stamps, too.

3) – Jen & Kevin

Balloon inivitation


Jen and Kevin got married in Paris, but unlike many couples, they wanted their guests to treat the event more like a party than a traditional wedding, so they worked with their designer to create these unique, fun and quirky invitations. Each invitation included a deflated red balloon, along with instructions telling the recipient to inflate the balloon. Once inflated, the balloon holds all of the crucial details surrounding the big day (i.e. location, date, the names of the couple, etc.). The invitation also sets the overall tone for the wedding by explaining the unique ways in which the couple plan to mark the occasion.

4) – Michelle & Jonathan

Passport style wedding invitations


Michelle and Jonathan have taken a much more formal approach to their wedding invitations, but this certainly doesn’t mean that they’re any less stunning than the other examples on this list. The couple actually opted for an entire wedding invitation package – rather than a simple standalone wedding invitation – which includes a number of aspects, including: the wedding invitation itself, an RSVP, and of course, directions. They utilised a consistent black and white design throughout, which really helps to bring each aspect of the invitation pack together in a consistent manner.

5) – Christine & Ian

Nature styled wedding invitations


Much like Michelle and Jordan’s invitations (above), Christina and Ian’s wedding invitations also consist of a number of different parts, although they’re slightly less formal, as the style differs significantly. The whole concept of the design revolves around the woods (i.e. where the couple are planning to get married); so, there’s a “wildlife guide”, a map, and of course, the actual RSVP (featuring beautiful tree cut outs). Every aspect of the design works perfectly, and does a great job of setting you up for the big day.

6) – Rachael & Mike

Wedding invitations that look like guides


Rachael and Mike have opted for a unique idea, as rather than creating a boring, standalone wedding “invite”, they actually created an invite in the form of a guide. It’s entitled, “The official guidebook to tying the knot” and offers a world of advice relating to the big day. It shows you how to tie an actual knot in a piece of rope; how to ensure that you come prepared (e.g. avid high heels, etc.); and how to survive the wedding day overall (hint: it involves “hangover trauma kits”). They also included a “landmark map of Seattle” – the city in which the wedding took place.

7) – Jessica & Brad

Poster invitation


Jessica and Brad have made stunning use of typography here, which results in one of the most unique and eye-catching wedding invitations ever. In fact, the entire wedding invite is made-up of typography alone, which essentially serves as a written timeline of the couples’ time together so far. It includes big questions like “should I kiss her?” and “will you marry me?” along with more trivial questions like “should we get a puppy?” and “can we live away from the beach?”

8) – Kostas & Maria

Tin can wedding invitations


Kostas and Maria threw all the rules out the window when they created this wedding invitation, as it isn’t even a paper-based invitation: it comes in a tin can. There is method behind the madness, though, as there is a tradition of tying tin cans to the back of the wedding car in the UK and U.S, so this invitation plays on that idea. Inside the can, you not only have the invitation, but also instructions regarding what to do with the can itself. These instruct the guests to tie it to the wedding car, and even offer an illustrated guide on how to do so.

9) – Andrew & Alysha

Unusual wedding invitation


Andrew and Alysha’s wedding invitations are relatively simple, but they’re beautifully designed and also make use of the letterpress printing technique, which adds a whole new level of depth to the overall design. The invitations also make use of a beautiful red, black and white colour scheme, but they’re still relatively minimalistic, with a lot of white space throughout the design.

Note: If you’re interested in utilising the letterpress printing technique for your own invitations, you can buy letterpress invitations from FastPrint.co.uk.

10) – Stamatis & Irene

Travel themed wedding invitation


Stamatis and Irene’s wedding invitations revolve around the concept of travel, as the couple actually spent many years of their relationship living in separate parts of the country (one of them was in Athens, and was of them was on the Greek isle of Crete). On the front, there is an visual representation of the distance that separated the couple for so many years, along with the number of miles travelled, and illustrations of an airplane and boat. On the back, the invitation references the airports and ports the couple travelled to and fro numerous times.

11) – Ashley & Kevin

Grey wedding invitations


Ashley and Kevin have used the letterpress printing technique here (much like Andrew and Alysha did), and the result is absolutely stunning. It’s clear that the invitations are extremely simple and minimalistic, but this is part of what makes them so great. They’re down to earth and simply display the details in a visually enticing manner, without any novelties. On the back, there’s a beautifully illustrated map, which has been designed in line with the overall colour scheme of the invitation.

Bio: Rachel works as a wedding planner in the UK, so it’s fair to say that she’s seen her fair share of wedding invitations over the years. She loves working with couples to plan and arrange their big day, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

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