The Faded Nest – Hand Stamped Vintage Cutlery for Your Wedding Day

As a blogger I spend hours every day trawling the net looking for that “something special”. Something that will inspire my readers. Something that will bring on a “eureka” moment. Yesterday I found a little business that has that “something special” by the bucket load. Virtual drum roll please, welcome onto the stage of all things wedding – The Faded Nest crafter of the most amazing hand stamped vintage cutlery, ideal for your wedding day.

When I first stumbled upon the beautiful blog of Gem (the owner, crafter and downright lovely lady behind The Faded Nest) I thought to myself, “Lovely site, unusual things, been around for quite a while.” I was therefore astounded to learn that The Faded Nest is only a couple of years old.

I just had to know more and Gem was kind enough to give up some of her time to answer a few questions for us:

How did you get started in craft?

“I have always been creative in some way, as a young child I used to carry around a pile of colouring books everywhere I went. I was lucky at school to have teachers that made me feel like it was ok if I wasn’t good at maths and science but still pushed me to be creative. I studied photography at uni, I had a one hundred percent DIY wedding and I’m always making things for our home. When I started creating items earlier this year to take to a local craft fair, I had no idea that my work would be so well received, that day gave me a real boost to carry on and so The Faded Nest was born and I haven’t looked back since……not that I’ve had the chance to.”

Hand stamped vintage cutlery. A spoon stamped with,  "I'd be lost without you" placed on a map.

What gave you the idea for The Faded Nest?

“I already knew I could ‘make things’ so that was a pretty good starting point for me, I think my actual light bulb moment was when I was re-painting some old furniture and it dawned on me that I could happily do this all day long. In a moment of madness I booked in at a local vintage craft fair in just four weeks time, I had grand plans to take my newly up-cycled furniture and some handmade homewares. I spent four weeks creating pieces to take along with me, including a handful of hand stamped vintage silverware, vintage tea cup candles and bunting. On that day the hand stamped silverware sold faster than I had ever imagined and the furniture didn’t get a look in. Ever since then creating hand stamped silverware has been my main focus.”

Vintage hand stamped butter knife which reads, "my butter half".

I love the name, how did you choose it?

“Thank you, it came about pretty easily really. I always call our home the nest and I use a pale, aged sort of colour palette throughout my products, my blog and my packaging etc. So calling it The Faded Nest just kind of fell into place.”

Can your items be personalised?

“Absolutely, I love creating custom orders. I have had some amazing orders in such a short amount of time, everything for Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, nicknames, quotes and little inside jokes. I love hearing the little details about the person I am creating a piece for.

All of the silverware I use is antique silver plated and can be stamped with any words, phrases and dates as long as it will fit.”

Mr and Mrs hand stamped vintage cutlery, forks.

What’s the best thing about owning your own businesss?

“Searching for the perfect antique silverware is quite an addiction for me and I love the process of finding the right pieces, to the stamping and sending them on to their new homes were they will be used again and hopefully loved.

I love the freedom to be able to stay up working until the early hours when I’m really excited about something new or if I want to, just skip everything and have a sofa day with hubby and the dog. I have had so many moments of doing the ‘happy dance’ in the last few months, I feel so blessed that I have this little business.”

And the worst?

“I guess cleaning the silverware before stamping, it’s a pretty messy job and takes up a lot of time, but is essential so I can’t really get out of it.

I also always have this temptation to give things away for free, especially to friends and acquaintances. I think knowing when to be nice and when to put my business head on is a difficult balancing act.”

Any tips for newcomers to the craft business?

“Love what you are creating! I have had a lot of funny looks when I tell people what I do, in the beginning I took them to heart and started to doubt my business altogether. Now I tell them proudly and if I get a funny look I shrug it off and remember how many times this little adventure has made me happy. Also take lots and lots of baby steps, you will know when it’s time to take the big ones. Say yes to most things and no to the things that you don’t feel comfortable with.”

vintage butter knife stamped with the words, "Spread Love".
I have been blown away by the wonderful things and all around fabness of Gem and her business, I will definitely be putting some of her treasures on my Christmas wish list.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

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