An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Hat Made Especially for A Very Curious Wedding

I’m so excited about this post that my fingers are flying across my keyboard – steam is going to start pouring from my Mac if I don’t slow down! So why the Mac melting excitement? Read on and take a peek into the wonderful world of wedding suppliers that I call home.

The moment I clapped eyes on the hats by Maison de Cantern it was love at first sight. And when I discovered that Barb, nimble fingered milliner extraordinaire, would be exhibiting at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza 2, I couldn’t wait to see her creations.
During a mad emailing session with Barb I made a request – would she make an Alice in Wonderland inspired hat to display at EWE2?

I waited with baited breath for her reply, would she say yes? When her answer popped into my inbox I did my “happy dance” around the room. Not only did she agree to do it, but she wanted me to choose the character style. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Queen of Hearts so the decision was an easy one. I hit reply and popped the kettle on for a celebratory cuppa. This is what hit my inbox a few days later:

An Alice in Wonderland inspired hat

“A request from Michelle at A Very Curious Wedding …….Would I like to make an ‘Alice in Wonderland inspired hat to take to EWE 2?

Well my first thought was ‘try stopping me’. I adore all things ‘Alice’ and could not wait to get started BUT there have been so many Red Queen Hats made before how could I make mine different ???

  • Challenge one — To keep it in the style of Maison de Cantern and my favourite style to work in at the moment is Neo – Victorian so I have decided to combine them – Alice meets Neo – Victorian. Curiouser & Curiouser I hear you say, but don’t forget ‘we are all mad here’./li>
  • Challenge two —  I am also loving ‘Up-cycling’ so let’s see if this can be an ‘Up-cycled’ hat and trimmed with materials and things I already have.

“Having scoured the house, garage, playroom, my jewel box and the dining room cabinet drawers, this is what I have in my chosen colours of Red, Black & White.”

The raw materials to make an Alice in Wonderland inspired hat.

“Used organza Christmas table mats, odd heart shapes, vintage squashed black hat, some ribbons, an old polka dot prom dress, scraps of black rose material, black and white nylon and black velvet, net, playing cards, veiling, sleeve from an old blouse and glitter foam. Now lets see if I can turn some, not all,  into a hat fit for a Queen!!

Taking the vintage squashed hat, some black and white material sewn into stripes, an organza table mat and red satin scraps beginning to be turned into roses and various heart shapes cut, also found old diamante brooch. So here goes, got to start somewhere, not sure yet where it will lead.”

Hat and red hearts for an Alice in Wonderland inspired hat.

“Hat now steamed, reshaped and sewn. Brooch discarded. Some satin roses made and now to start to put together. If only I had a plan …no that wouldn’t be me, there are no rules or plans at Maison de Cantern just use ‘whatever’ materials you want ‘however’ you want to, if you love it.…it’s right!”

The hat now steamed.

“Here are the last sneaky pictures, taken by Three Cantern Photography, before the hat will be revealed to Michelle from A Very Curious Wedding at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza 2 on March 24th at Fazeley Studios, Birmingham. So get your tickets if you Ewe want to see it finished  … crowds are ‘Flocking’ see EWE there.”

Some sneak peeks of the finished hat, only showing small details.

Wow! I cannot wait to see what Barb has created and to have a trying on session. I just love Barb’s ethos of using “whatever” you want “however” you want to and I’m amazed that she made her hat from bits and bobs she already had. Barb, you rock!

See you at EWE2 x

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes


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