The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, Ewe 2, Part One

In a desire to quench my thirst for new and interesting wedding goodies I have traveled the country attending countless wedding fairs. During my travels I have come to this conclusion; wedding fairs fall into one of four categories.

♥ The Designer Fair – with no expense spared, take-your-breath-away exhibits these fairs are full of eye candy and are wonderful for an indulgent day out.
♥ The Local Fair – full of small to medium sized local wedding professionals, these fairs can be an indispensable resource.
♥ The Vintage Fair – stuffed with handmade, vintage and unusual suppliers these fairs can help nurture a couple’s creative side.
♥ The National Show – offering a plethora of choice, these fairs can be great for couples wishing to speak to a number of photographers, etc. Their biggest advantage is the convenience of many suppliers all under one roof.

Each and every one of these fairs has something to offer. Not all will be to everyone’s taste, but I have yet to attend a wedding fair and come away without finding something to tickle my fancy.

But what if there existed a wedding fair so remarkable in it’s uniqueness and ethos that it didn’t fall into any one category? What if the exhibitors were by invitation only? What if white trestle tables were banned and each exhibitor had to think outside the box and create new and exciting ways to display their wares? And what if fun was the buzz word of the day and loopiness was positively encouraged?

If this sounds good to you then buckle your seat belt you’re in for a treat. Welcome to The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza.

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Created by Sassy (Asassynation), Jo (The Couture Company) and Viki (Liilia) all industry peeps, all highly talented and all possessing the delicious desire to break the wedding fair mold. Last year they achieved their goal – the mold was definitely broken. And this year? After my visit to EWE2 on Sunday I can categorically say that the mold wasn’t just broken; it was smashed to smithereens!

So let me take you by the hand and lead you through the looking glass to a land called Fazeley Studios which for one day only is home to EWE2. Hold on tight, here we go ……….

Zombie wedding items.
Having arrived at the show so early even the birds were bleary eyed, I had enough time to catch up with some of the slightly demented exhibitors that I met last year. Jen of Little Ruby Red cake toppers (above left) probably topped the list. Her answer when I asked if I could take a pic of her was, “Would you mind waiting until I’ve messed my hair up a bit more, it’s too neat.” Only at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza! Don’t let her zombie looks fool you though, she won the title of ‘Most Friendly Exhibitor” as voted by visitors. On the other hand maybe they were so afraid of getting their brains munched that they voted for her out of sheer terror :)

It was great to see Tracey from the Black Cherry Cake Company again; luscious 80’s addicted creator of the coolest cakes on the planet. (I have to say that, she gave me free cake). She was rocking the vintage 80’s look, face painted and hair moused to within an inch of its life. Her cake based on the film “Labyrinth” (left) proved to be a big hit with visitors, she won the title “Most Baaaad Ass Stand”.

Unusual wedding cakes.
Zenzero were working the show and getting up to some seriously zany antics. They put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces – including mine when I discovered they had free popcorn.

Wedding entertainment.
I reluctantly dragged myself away from the popcorn and was whisked from Zenzero’s world of wackiness and transported back to a time when bustles and gentrification ruled, all in a few short steps. Or in my case a geeky inelegant stumble. Here’s a tip; if you spy Prior Engagement’s stunning gowns do not get overexcited, jump up and down, lose your footing and try to steady yourself on a column. Especially if the “column” is actually a living statue!

Winter wedding dress.
Prior Engagement was bursting with gorgeous handmade gowns from almost every era. All historically inspired and designed by Izabela, a costumier for over 15 years. The Winter Bride Russian Coat (above) and the Victorian Steampunk Dress (below) grabbed both my eye and my camera lens, I could have snapped away for hours.

Gothic wedding dress.
Ah, and then I met Barb from Maison de Cantern. It was a thrill to meet her in person for Barb and I have been working on a project and shared a secret for months. I’ve teased you with sneak peaks of our secret and I know many of you are desperate to see her creation. But you’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer before I unveil the Queen of Hearts hat made especially for me by Barb’s nimble fingers. I adore it!

Very Different wedding hats.
Resisting the urge to play dress up and tearing myself away from Maison de Cantern was difficult but my artistic talents were needed over at Fancy Features. The stand was mobbed, their giant colouring-in proved to be such a big hit that grown men and women were jostling to grab a pen and scribble away. As you can see from the photograph below it was my contribution that really pulled the whole piece together and gave it its artistic merit :)

Colouring in.
I didn’t get to revel in my artistic prowess for very long because the next exhibitor was showcasing the most glorious cakes. Steampunk cakes, Alice in Wonderland cakes and cakes inspired by the tattoos of Nicola’s brides and grooms  – simply art on a plate.Her cakes are so intricately decorated that I would challenge anyone not to hesitate before slicing into one. Although by the time I had reached the exhibit of Tattoo Cakes my tum was rumbling so much that I was tempted to ask Nicola to pass me a knife and plate.

Alice in Wonderland wedding cake.
Temptation to devour Nicola’s works of art narrowly avoided, I headed for the coffee shop to indulge in a cuppa and a slice of cake or two – all in the interest of protecting the exhibitors sweet creations of course. I can be very selfless sometimes.

Once again Ava Event Styling didn’t disappoint with their decor.

In sharp contrast to last year’s funky pink theme with a twist of Alice, this year Ava’s stand had a very natural earthy quality which upon closer inspection revealed a few unexpected surprises. Chocolate skull wedding favours anyone?

Neutral wedding colours.
Full tum and awash with tea it was off to see Jenny from Revive Me Boutique. It was at this point that my brain almost flat lined as all I could think was, “shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes …….” I admit I’m a shoeaholic, but these were no ordinary shoes. Jenny takes your pre-loved shoes and painstakingly transforms them into things of beauty or battiness – the choice is yours. Your favorite shoes could have a new lease of life, they could even walk you down the aisle.

Shoes with a difference.
In the top pic you can see me interviewing Jenny’s lovely daughter Eleanor. She was there to help her mum and what a star she turned out to be. When I stopped to say goodbye as I was leaving she was thrilled at all the freebies the exhibitors had given her, which just goes to show what a lovely bunch they are.

To finish this post with a colourful bang here’s just a tiny selection of the button bouquets that covered every inch of Jamball’s display.

Vintage buttons for a wedding.
And that is most certainly not all folks. Just wait until you see what I have in store for part two of this feature. Here’s a hint; chickens, chocolate and conjurers.

See you soon.
Update: Part Two of Ewe 2

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes


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