A Very Curious Wedding Gets a Feature Published in Unique Bride Magazine

Today it’s my birthday. I’m stuck in a hotel room in Liverpool, I won’t see Mr L-D until this evening, the air con is stuck on “melt mode” yet I”m jumping up and down with excitement – which must be really annoying for the people in the room below me. By the way if it’s you I’m really sorry, I’ll run out of steam soon I promise :)

My feature on The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (also known as EWE) has been published by Unique Bride Magazine! It took me days to get hold of a copy, but yesterday I finally got my eager paws on one. It was quite surreal standing in WHSmith, flicking through a wedding mag and reading something that I had written.

Publication in a  magazine. Magazine publication.
I did get a little over excited and did my “happy dance” which basically involves bouncing up and down on the spot whilst repeatedly punching the air with my fist. It must have looked a bit alarming because one of the shop assistants asked me if I was okay. Which started a bit of a loopy conversation:

me: I’m fine, it’s just that I’m really excited because (pointing to the article) that’s me.

Assistant: (Looking over my shoulder at the article) Oh that’s great, so are you EWE?

me: No I’m not EWE I’m Michelle, I wrote the article about EWE.

Assistant: I’m confused, you wrote an article about WHSmith?

me: No not you “EWE”.

Assistant: (Beginning to back away) Great, I’ll read it later.

Only then did I look up to see that a small crowd had formed around us and they were all looking at me with a mixture of pity and vaguely veiled fear. My first brush with “fame” and I end up looking like a plonker. Note to self:  be less batty   try to be more normal stop the silliness who am I kidding? I never want to change, I love my demented, slightly broken brain and normal is vastly overrated!

I’m now off to jump up and down again. Catch you soon.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes


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