The Designer Wedding Show October 2012

There are times when being a wedding blogger makes me want to jump for joy, Sunday was one of those days. Mr L-D and I made the six and a half hour journey – you do not want to know what time we got up – from Yorkshire to Battersea Park to visit the Designer Wedding Show. It was, without a doubt, worth every bottom numbing second.

Trying to squeeze in as many exhibitors as possible, Mr L-D and I worked the stands with military precision but, with 162 exhibitors, even walking at break-neck speed didn’t make it possible to visit everyone – my feet may never recover :)

The first exhibitor that caught my eye, and when I say “caught my eye”, I actually mean “smacked me in the face with fabulous eye candy”, was Phillippa Craddock Flowers. Incredible floral archways towered over a table decorated with the prettiest mixture of pink and cream flowers.

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Flowers at the Designer Wedding Show.
Phillipa Craddock at The Designer Wedding Show. Stunning attention to detail.

Table layout at The Designer Wedding Show.
I loved the relaxed chill out tent that The Raj Tent Club had on show but it was this sophisticated offering that really blew me away. Can you imagine this on a hot Summer evening?

Raj tent at The Designer Wedding Show.
Elizabeth Bessant had the most exquisite, couture mother of the bride, bridesmaid and bridal wear on show. She was also wearing a fantastic suit that had me wishing I could still fit into my size 10 wardrobe. A lovely, approachable, talented lady – I felt immediately at ease in her company and could quite easily imagine putting my dream design in her capable hands.

Mother of the bride dresses at The Designer Wedding Show.
And then we turned the corner and came face to face with the some of the wonderful creations from The Ideas Box. A hot dog, ice-cream, coffee, cheese and even Pimms stand. Just think, your guests could enjoy a fresh coffee served from an espresso tricycle. What a great talking point.

Hotdogs at The Designer Wedding Show.
Espresso at The Designer Wedding Show.
Ice cream at The Designer Wedding Show.

Zita Elze
had the most stunning exhibition filled with imaginative and beautiful arrangements. Mr L-D took masses of photographs but, when we uploaded them, we didn’t feel they showcased her work to a high enough standard so (with much gnashing of teeth) I decided not to include them in this feature. I did, however, manage to salvage this one.

Flower arrangements at The Designer Wedding Show.
Oh then joy of joys, we found the stand of Posh Graffiti. I could have talked to Emily Readettbayley, owner, for hours. She has a lovely quirkiness to her personality and is just so friendly. She also has a passion for fair trade and sustainability – I would urge you to read the “About Us” page on her website. Excellent, quality goodies that would add a touch of whimsy to any event.

Tickle my fancy at The Designer Wedding Show.
Signs at The Designer Wedding show.
Meeting Emma Drew, owner of The Cake Maison, was an absolute pleasure and she was as sweet as her cakes. She had some lovely designs on show and I found out that she makes freshly baked cakes and delivers them to……….

Cakes at The Designer Wedding show. ……..
Maids to Measure, where the bride and her bridesmaids can enjoy a glass of bubbly and have fun designing their dresses. Sinclair Sellars, owner, explained the process to me and it sounds like the perfect solution to the whole “I can’t find the perfect bridesmaid dress” scenario. Dress designing, bubbly and cake – the perfect combination.

Maids to Measure at The Designer Wedding Show.
The stand of Anges de Sucre was absolutely mobbed ever time we passed and, with so much eye candy on offer, it was hardly surprising. We finally managed to snap a few shots and have a chat about their incredible macaron creations and it was well worth the wait. I think we are going to see macarons become quite popular this wedding season and, if you are thinking of going down this particularly delicious road, I would recommend Anges de Sucre be your first stop.

Macrons at The Designer Wedding Show.
Intricate Creations had some great designs on show, lots of attention to detail. This sophisticated black and gold beauty got my pulse racing but they have so many wonderful colour combinations on offer. Well worth checking out.

Wedding table plan at The Designer Wedding Show.
It was around this time that the nagging little voice that kept whispering, “You need tea” became a shout and we succumbed to a spot of afternoon tea. This tied in nicely with the 2pm catwalk show. Oh my, the fabulousness. Model after model floated down the catwalk wearing mouth-watering confections of lace, crystals, silk, etc.

I cannot tell you how much my camera was burning a hole in my bag, but The Designer Wedding Show has a strict “no camera” policy so I was on my best behaviour. Their no camera policy applies to the show as a whole, but I had permission to let Mr L-D loose to snap away with the exhibitors’ permission – the joy of a press pass :)

Break over we resumed our quest to cross off every exhibitor on our list and Edwina Ibbotson was our next call It was such a thrill to be able to see the work of Edwina Ibbotson* in all its exquisite glory. I fell in love with so many of her designs and could have spent the whole day just trying on her works of art. This one was one of my favourites – I really like the structure of the piece……..

Wedding fascinator at The Designer Wedding Show. ……..
and this one is just so elegant! *Edwina does not have a website but you can contact her via email

With time ticking away far too quickly, with regret, I dragged myself away from the masses of millinery magic and found the next wedding professional on the list. Amanda Austin Flowers had a mixture of relaxed, almost rustic style miniature vases full of the sweetest arrangements. Throw in some show-stopping displays and her stand just screamed “stop and look”.

Flowers at The Designer Wedding Show 2
This gorgeous display simply knocked my socks off.

Large red floral arrangements at The Designer Wedding Show.
As you may very well know by now, I love unique, whimsical creations and it doesn’t get much better than Martine Rupbert Designs. Each piece is designed around Martine’s artwork and all her paper goods have a lovey “personal” quality to them. I would be thrilled if one of her pieces dropped through my letterbox.

Invitations at The Designer Wedding show.
Ah, and then it was candles. But these were no ordinary candles, Candle de Fleur have taken the whole concept of having candles at a wedding and turned it on its head. You see, these candles burn in not down. Hard to get your head around I know but when Deborah Elise, owner, showed me a completely used candle ball it all made sense. The ball looked perfect, no drips, no mess but the inside had burned away entirely. This means that, at the end of your wedding, you will still have these candles to keep or maybe give as gifts to some of your guests. The used candles on display were being used as tea light holders and they looked great.

Candles at The Designer Wedding Show.
Now I’m not a girl that goes for masses of bling – being only five foot and a bit tall, anything too large and sparkly just looks all kinds of wrong :( But elegant, handmade, shiny pieces of loveliness – that’s a completely different matter. And Gillian Million had jewellery to die for. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, I could easily have packed up the whole stand and taken it home. Necklaces, earrings, hair pieces, the list goes on. It was mind blowing to be surrounded by pieces of gorgeousness that had taken thousands of hours worth of work. Gillian Million is definitely going on my Christmas list!

Jewelery at The Designer Wedding Show.
Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Beads at The Designer Wedding Show.
And last but by no means least we paid a visit to
The Photo Emporium
. Classic and Vintage photo booths are available but it was this Airstream that appealed to my quirky side. Constructed as a 1950’s Airstream caravan, you and your guest can have your photograph taken at one end and then sit in comfort at the other whilst checking out your pics on their Ipads. They even have an app that enables instant Facebook uploads.

Photo booth at The Designer Wedding Show.
I can’t tell you how many times we had to keep nipping back to try and find the Airstream empty in order to take a pic. This stand was busy, busy, busy and I can see why.

Inside a photo booth a The Designer Wedding Show.
What a day! I only wish we could have met and featured every wedding professional. It was heart-breaking to leave knowing there were so may wonderful people that we didn’t get the chance to chat to. Here are some that I met and loved but didn’t get the chance to feature today:

Stress Free Hire – wonderful event decorators, take a peek at their website. Jules Cordozo-Marsh – fabulous make-up artist.
Fete Boutique – lovely favours with a traditional and modern twist. The London Chauffeur Company – I had to drag Mr L-D away from their cars. Tel – 0203 3973294 The Three Waiters – pay a  visit to the site of these singing waiters, amazing voices and really nice guys. Little Bevan – glorious children’s clothing. Lilac Blue Weddings – really great wedding list service, some great concepts. Freya Rose – exquisite shoes. Kissing Gate Films – multi-award winning wedding cinematography You were all so friendly, thank you for making the day so wonderful

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