Five Unique Gifts for your Online Wedding Giftlist

With customs and marriage traditions changing radically over the years, it was inevitable that the wedding giftlist would have a bit of a makeover. Being as its original function was to stock a couple’s home with the essentials, with most couples already living together and accumulating all they need way before they walk down the aisle, the giftlist in it’s original form has become more than a tad outdated.

Being as most guests will still want to show their appreciation by giving a gift, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve seen the emergence and steady growth of the online giftlist service. These services give guests the chance to give a gift, but couple’s end up with something they really want – not yet another toaster!

So how do you get the best from your online giftlist? I asked Zankyou, the only international wedding website, to come up with five unique gifts for your online wedding giftlist. And here they are:

Fund your dream honeymoon

Some online giftlist services offer you the ability to crowd fund. So why don’t you ask your guests to make a contribution towards the romantic getaway that you’ve always dreamed of? You can list different stages of your honeymoon to let your guests know exactly what they are contributing towards, like a romantic meal for two in a world class restaurant, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, or tickets to Disneyland. There is no limit to the activities you can list, and your guests can help make them reality!

Make some improvements to your home

It would be highly unlikely for you to say that there is nothing in your home that you imagined differently, but never got round to actually doing something about. Maybe you want to install a nice patio the back garden, or just do some decorating inside. Your guests would be more than happy to help you improve your surroundings.

Get closer to buying your dream car

Imagine driving off into the distance on your wedding day in the car of your dreams funded by your very own guests. Again, taking advantage of crowdfunding as opposed to physical items makes this so easy to do. The perfect way to tell the world that you’re just married.

Make a donation to a charity close to your heart

Though it is fun to add items and funds to your giftlist, it’s easy to start listing things that you don’t really need. If you think that’s the case you might want to consider asking your guests to make a donation to your favorite charity instead. This works especially well if it is a charity that means something to your friends and family as well as yourself.

Start saving for the future

You and your partner may be looking more towards the future in a general sense rather than having specific things in mind. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests for a contribution to your future together, whether it will go towards a retirement plan or higher education for your future (or current) children. Your guests will be glad to know that their contribution will make your life that little bit more easy in the future.

So there you go, five pretty good ideas. I’ve had a play around on Zankyou and found it to be robust, intuitive and it’s got some really great features.

Are any of you going down the giftlist route? What are your thoughts on them? I’d love to know.

Caricature of Michelle Lyndon-Dykes


  • Corrie says:

    Hi Michelle,

    An interesting article about gift lists, I agree that they seem to be having a bit of a makeover with fewer couples opting for traditional toasters and towels!

    We are an alternative gift list where the bride and groom can invite their friends and family to collaborate and create a unique wedding gift, a recipe book to treasure forever and hand down to future generations. The guests add recipes, photos and a personal message online and the bride and groom get a free hardback recipe book following their wedding day.

    Its a wonderful way to share traditions and bring family and friends together to create something meaningful to celebrate your wedding.…hope you like it :-)

  • Really interesting read. We find that couples are often looking for quirky ways to ask for gifts and of course contributions to honeymoons are always a winner these days. Nice to see different ideas I must say….Thank you for sharing!

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