Not Sure How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers? Flowers and Their Meanings Could Help

Flowers are sometimes referred to as having their own language, and many people believe that their growth, colour and blooms can mean different things. These meanings can often help grooms and brides-to-be to select wedding flowers or a bouquet based on what they want their flowers to represent.

Peach wedding bouquet
Looking up flower meanings can be a great reference when you’re looking into wedding plans as you may want to embody some feelings or ideas that could be key to your relationship. Here are some of the more popular flowers and their meanings:


A common flower, particularly popular at Valentine’s, representative of love. But their meaning can actually be broken down even further by their colour:

  • Red – love, beauty, courage and respect. A single red rose is believed to mean “I love you”
  • White – typically representative of purity and innocence, when used as part of a bridal bouquet believed to mean a happy love
  • Red and White – given together, signify unity
  • Pink – means appreciation and admiration and light pink can also be symbolic of sweetness and grace
  • Lavender – symbolic of love at first sight and enchantment


  • Red – a symbol of deep caring and attachment
  • Pink – identical to red, but a less intense representation
  • Purple – symbolising royalty and rebirth
  • Yellow – positive interpretations suggest that they represent brightness and sunshine. Therefore perfect for a joyous occasion


Research suggests that the lily represents purity and beauty. It is also often shown in religious art as a symbol of the Virgin Mary, or held by Gabriel in Annunciation paintings.

  • Orange – symbolises passion
  • Yellow – happiness, a perfect gift for a happy celebration

Lily of the Valley:

As seen in Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet, lily of the valley is representative of sweetness and purity of heart

Looking into the meaning of different flowers, and their significance by colour can help when making decisions on what flowers are appropriate to buy as either a gift, or for your own special wedding day.

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