Ikea Launches Bröllop Online – a New Digital Wedding Business

Ikea launches Bröllop Online
Having been in the wedding business for many a year, I thought I’d more or less seen it all. I have attended unusual wedding fairs, featured some truly unique videos and been a big fan of the truly demented!

Then Ikea launches Bröllop Online – a new digital wedding business. I’m not sure whether to be impressed or slightly weirded out by this idea, have a gander at this video and let me know what you think.

I can see the point of using this service to beam in guests who can’t make the big day, but I’m really not sure about building your whole day around a good internet connection.

Mr L-D and I considered something similar for our wedding. A few family members could not make it for our big day, so we did think about maybe setting up a Skype call so that they could participate. However, throwing together a small church with unreliable internet and elderly relatives who were not really Skype savvy was just asking for trouble. We decided to scrap the idea as is was just one more thing to be added to the list of ‘things-that-could-go-wrong’. So, Bröllop Online is not really a road I have, or would travel.

Then again each to their own, I still don’t understand hubby’s obsession with Scalextric! Doesn’t mean I can’t whip his butt at it :)

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  • Corrie says:

    Not sure what to make of this either! we eloped and got married in Niagara Falls, I guess it might have been nice to have invited some of our friends/family to connect via the internet to watch but like you said, worrying about getting internet connection may have added a layer of hassle and avoiding hassle was one of the reasons we made the choice to get married abroad in the first place! :-)

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