Not Sure How to Propose? Try Using The Proposal Planner.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching – so how many of you have an engagement ring burning a hole in your pocket? Proposing on the most romantic night of the year is a great way to pop the question, but what if you’re not sure how to propose? Make way for The Proposal Planner!

The brain child of the guys over at the travel firm Super Break, The Proposal Planner was created after the company noticed a rise in the number of couples taking short breaks to some of the UK and Europe’s most romantic destinations and returning engaged.

Keen to find out more, they commissioned research on the subject – the results of which make interesting reading. Here are just a few of their findings:

  • According to research, nearly one in four women have rejected at least one proposal during their life.
  • Reasons for turning down a proposal included “it just didn’t feel right” or that their partner wasn’t taking the proposal seriously enough. Some even believed that the proposal was actually a joke.
  • However, 23 percent of respondents who did turn down a proposal claimed that they’d regretted the decision later on.
  • The most romantic destinations for proposing to a partner have been voted as Paris, Venice and Rome, which follows the firm’s online sales trends.
  • For those looking to propose closer to home; the Lake District was deemed most popular, with Scottish locations being highly rated.
  • Findings from the survey show that an engagement ring may not be the most important factor about a proposal. Just 22 percent of men actually planned to, or did, spend the traditional two months’ salary on a ring.
  • For some,  the destination is the most important aspect of a proposal; 15 percent of Brits stated they would prefer a proposal which is slightly more unusual and unique to them.
  • Stats also indicate that Brits are a nation of romantics, with 52 percent preferring the traditional “down on one knee” proposal versus just 20 percent who stated that they would like an “all-singing, all-dancing” proposal.

“We realise that proposing is a big decision for most people and the survey results clearly show this. After looking at the results of our research and interviewing some experts, we took the decision to create a proposal planner that will hopefully provide inspiration on when, where and how you can propose to make the event really special; from picking the perfect destination to ideas on how you can pop the question.”

I’ve tried The Proposal Planner myself, and it does add a bit of fun to the whole ‘how to propose’ conundrum.  However, it is very traditional – man asks woman, etc. It would be nice to see a non gender version *hint*.

So what do you think? Are you planning an unusual proposal or keeping it traditional?

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